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Pictures of Multi-Sport Tennis Basketball Courts
If you're pouring a large concrete slab for tennis, adding a basketball goal is a great idea. For a relatively low cost you can really increase the value of your slab by adding a whole other sport. This is often called a multi-sport court and is quite common. Other sports that you can can include are volleyball and pickleball among others. Browse through these great photos to see how others have designed their tennis / basketball court.
Sharp looking blue multi-sport court Beautiful blue and orange multi-sport half-court What else would you do with a concrete slab?
Hercules Diamond Basketball System Hercules Platinum Basketball System Pro Dunk Silver B-ball served w/side of tennis
Hercules Gold Basketball in Penbroke Pine, Florida Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Mesa, Arizona Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Islip, New York
Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Aledo, Texas Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in Scottsdale, Arizona Pro Dunk Silver Basketball in Bristol, Connecticut
Hercules Platinum Basketball Goal in Macungie, PA Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Goal in Lawrence, KA