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Basketball Court Resources

Reference all material you will need to build your new basketball court including useful links to court builders and basketball goal manufacturers

Professional Court Builders

This a non-comprehensive list of modular suspended tile court surfacing companies.

Court Building Tools

A list of court building applications offered by court building companies/manufacturers. Their tools will help you decide how large (court dimensions page) and what configuration your court can be. You can also decide on what accessories you want to add to your court like basketball goals, lighting, multi-purpose game nets and more. For more information basketball court about accessories click here.

Basketball Goal Manufacturers

A list of popular basketball goal manufactures that offer high-quality backyard and driveway basketball equipment. Take a look at our page on picking the perfect basketball goal for your court here.

Basketball Court Measurements and Dimensions

A list of sites we referenced to develop our basketball court dimension page. These sites have diagrams and other information regarding the size of a basketball court.

Basketball Court Marking / Stencil Kits

This is a non-comprehensive list of basketball kits to aid in striping your basketball court with the key and three point line.

Concrete Tools

Useful tools and other support material for pouring your own concrete pad for your backyard basketball court.


If you found a useful tool while designing your court or would like add some knowledge to this resource please email our staff at support@produnkhoops.com. We'd love to add your experience to make this the best basketball court resource on the web. Also, if you see any missing or inaccurate data, please notify us and we'll try to rectify the issues as soon as possible.

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