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Choose The Right Basketball Goal Dealer

This guide will attempt to lay out the pros and cons of different types of dealers


You get a comprehensive selection at your finger tips. You can get anything from a Hoops Pro Dunk to a Schutt Gold basketball system. Since there is no overhead, internet dealers can usually sell for less. Some Manufactures like Hoops have moved online as well. You can buy your goals for direct prices. Also, many of the dealers operate out of just one state meaning you will probably not have to pay tax. The downside is shipping time and costs. Most dealers will give you free shipping. If you're not getting free shipping, shop around some more. Pro Dunk Hoops has introduced next day installation. Details can be found here. They will ship out your pier system next day FedEx. By the time your pier is dry, the rest of your system is there ready to install. You also have to find an installer if you purchase online. Most sites will provide good resources for finding an installer for your area to help alleviate this. There are several local and national installers. You can find a list here.


Pure Basketball
In some larger markets there are companies dedicated to selling and installing basketball goals. Hoops does this in several markets such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Chicago. These companies are not very common but will probably give you the best service and be the most knowledgeable.

Many playground chains such as Rainbow carry basketball goals in addition to their playground equipment. This is not the company's primary focus but is another good place to check.

Flooring Companies
Every large market probably has multiple flooring companies. They usually specialize in a plastic flooring that can be used for outdoor courts including basketball courts. They will usually sell the goal and court in tandem although I'm sure they would sell just the goal if prompted. They will usually sell their own flavor of basketball goal. Be sure to scrutinize these systems as they have been known to be lower quality than independent manufacture's hoops. Some court companies are Flex Court®, Rhino Court® and Versa Court®.

Retail Stores

Dick's Sporting Goods®, Sports Authority®, Dunham's Sports® all sell high-end basketball goals including brands such as Escalade® Goalrilla® and Lifetime® Mammoth™.

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