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About Us & Our Story

Our family owned and operated company has been designing, manufacturing and installing basketball goals since 1984

The History

Houston skyline, c. 1976 (Courtesy of the
Citizens Environmental Coalition Collection,
Houston Metropolitan Research Center,
Houston Public Library)

Hoops, Inc., manufacturer of the Pro Dunk® line of basketball equipment, grew from humble beginnings to be the epitome of the American dream.

It was 1984 and Houston, TX oil companies were buckling from the recent oil market crash. There was a fire-sale on drilling equipment including high quality oil pipe. It was going for pennies on the dollar. Keith Tate, a salesman, had weathered the layoffs but was busy trying to figure out how to take advantage of the abundance of cheap oil field drill pipe.

At first, mailboxes came to mind. Keith quickly headed to the library where he found books he could use to begin teaching himself how to weld. After a few short months of building mailboxes his welding skills were becoming quite good and he was ready to try something a little more complicated.

On the way home from work one day, he realized that every house had a basketball goal that looked as though a stiff wind could blow it right over.

After some market research he realized that there were absolutely no heavy-duty basketball goal systems for residential use available.

The idea took off immediately. Keith put his welding skills to good use and turned his subdivision garage into a basketball goal factory.

One of the first Hoops Inc. basketball goals

The first basketball goals were made from tubular oil field pipe. An extension arm was mounted to the main pole at a 45 degree angle with U-bolts. A Harvard steel-clad backboard was mounted to the extension arm.

Customers loved the idea of getting a great playing heavy-duty basketball goal delivered and installed by a professional.

In 1995, Hoops, Inc. outgrew the garage and moved to its current 16 acre facility in Tomball, TX where design and distribution of their products made in China operates today.

To this day, Hoops, Inc. strives to offer this same great customer experience every time!

Hoops Today

Hoops now has dealers nation-wide and ships around the world. Hoops, Inc. basketball goals have seen vast improvements from early iterations while keeping the same heavy-duty, high-performance standard. The rich culture at Hoops, Inc. has remained intact over the years fostering innovative installer friendly products.

The adjustable, in-ground Pro Dunk® product line has been the backbone of Hoops for years. We are proud to announce the Pro Dunk® line is better than ever with improvements such as our ½ inch thick tempered glass backboards and unmatched corrosion protection. Also, we have the all new Diamond model boasting awesome specifications resulting in the best performing system we have ever seen.

While Pro Dunk® systems have been the bread and butter for years we are not standing still. Our new Hercules fixed-height line of equipment has increased the size of our market without cannibalizing Pro Dunk® sales. We have carried over many of the Pro Dunk® improvements to the Hercules line and now have a market leading fixed height solution for institutional and commercial applications.

Keith Tate, owner and founder, is living the American dream. Keith started Hoops, Inc. in 1984 manufacturing heavy-duty basketball equipment out of oil field pipe in his own garage. Hoops, Inc. now distributes equipent world-wide from its headquarters in Tomball, TX.

Hoops is dedicated to offering the best basketball products on the market through constant innovation at an affordable price.

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