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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the questions we receive most often and find the solutions you're looking for


Do you offer installation? Learn about the installtion process, browse tips and find an installer in your area
Where can I find a professional installer? Use our directory of basketball goal installers / assembly professionals and find somebody in your area
When should I call to schedule installation? Some guidelines to follow when having your basketball goal installed
How much does installation cost? Determine what your installation costs are going to be before diving in
How long does installation take? Get a firm grasp on how long it will be before you are doing your 360 degree dunk
How long should I wait before playing on my basketball system? A good guide on how long the concrete will need to sit before curing
Can I really install one of your basketball systems? Learn what's involved in doing the installation yourself including tools you'll need and more
Are your installation instructions available online? Download, view and print instructions for all of our basketball systems before buying
What exactly is extension, overhang and a safe play area? Demistify industry jargon like overhang, extension arm length and safe play area and learn what it's for
How much space is required for installation? Determine if your space is big enough to fit one of our basketball goals
How far should I set the system off of the driveway? A good guide to help you place the pier in relation to playing area
Is the pier kit included with Pro Dunk and Hercules models? Figure out all of the materials and tools you'll need to successfully finish your installation
How deep do I have to dig the hole? Figure out how large you hole will have to be including depth, width and shape
Should I form up my pier? Determine if it's necessary to form up your pier when pouring conrete
Can I make my own pier kit? Learn what it takes to make your own pier if your going to doing a custom installation
What are the pier kit dimensions? Diagrams to help you determine the size, shape and hole pattern of the different pier kits
What are the basketball court dimensions? Learn how to layout your basketball court with diagrams showing measurements and dimensions


What carrier will be delivering my basketball system? Learn about LTL freight and why our systems are not shipped through standard carriers like FedEx or UPS
Do you offer expedite shipping service? Discover how to get your shipment as fast as possible
When can I expect my order? Use this tool to help plan when you can start installing your new basketball goal
How do I track my shipment? Discover how to track your shipment using the carriers online tools
How does scheduled delivery work? Use this tool to help plan when you can start installing your new basketball goal
Is a signature required for delivery? Learn what you need to know in order to accept your shipment without hassle
How many boxes/pallets will there be in my shipment? Be prepared for how your shipment will arrive so you can spot missing pieces
Do you ship outside of the contiguous United States (Alaska, Hawaii) Determine if we can ship to you and if there will be extra charges
Do you ship internationally? Learn what's involved with international shipment including customs and shipping costs
How can I move the basketball system once delivered? Learn the best way to break-down your shipment so it can be easily moved once delivered
What if shipment is damaged? Determine if you're protected, if you should refuse the shipment and how to get replacement parts
Is the shipment covered by insurance? Learn about the indurance included with each shipment and how to make sure you're covered


What size backboard should I choose? Simple guidelines to help you choose the right sized backboard for your basketball court
What are the differences between an acrylic and tempered glass backboard? Determine if tempered glass or acrylic will be the beter material for your basketball goal backboard
What is the warranty? Determine what the warranty is for different products and learn about the Rust Armor extended warranty
Will I receive padding with my system? Determine which systems come with backboard, pole and gusset padding
What kind of weather conditions is the system designed to handle (cover, take down, corrosion) A durable powder-coat finish and optional Rust Armor package prepare the system for mother nature
What are the advantages of in-ground systems over portable hoops? Discover the advantages of a semi-permanent in-ground basketball system


Where can I go to see one of your basketball systems? Find one of our basketball systems near by so you try them out for yourself
How long have you been in business? Learn about our family owned and opered business that has over 10,000 systems all over the nation