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How far should I set the system off of the driveway?

A good guide to help you place the pier in relation to playing area

It's best to move the pier as close to playing surface as possible. This allows you take advantage of the over hang so you can run in for lay-up and box out for rebounds without stepping off into the grass. Some people have shallow playing areas. If this is the case you might want to pull the pier off of your playing surface a little so you can at least get a free throw line in (15' from the front of the backboard).

Transcript: Welcome basketball fans. My name is Ryan with Pro Dunk Hoops. Today were going to be talking about how far from your driveway you should install your new basketball goal. I get this question on the phone pretty often so I thought I'd put together this short segment to kind of explain how to get the most out of your playing area. I've got some great diagrams to put up on the white board so, let's get started.

So, to answer our question, we're going to have to learn a little bit about what overhang is. And it's actually defined as the distance from the front of the pole to the front of the backboard here. And it's important because a lot of play actually goes on underneath the backboard or behind the backboard here. For example if you're going to be running in for lay-ups or boxing out for rebounds you're going to be in this area, playing quite a bit. Another thing is the basketball is not always going to land right underneath the basket so sometimes it'll come in from and angle like this and land right there. So you're going to want your playing area. So, let's say this is your playing area. You really want it just as close as possible to where your pole is going to be installed so you can take full advantage of the basketball goal's overhang. Now having said that, if you've got a shallowing playing area, so out here you do't have too much room and you want to get in a free-throw line or a three-point line or something like that you can actually pull that pole off of your playing area a little bit and get more area in front of the backboard instead of behind the backboard. Having said that you don't want, you want the backboard hanging over at least two feet. Otherwise you're going to run into a lot of problems with the ball hitting the grass and going and doing that. So, in summary, you're really going to want your pole just as close to the playing area as possible unless you have a very shallow playing area.

So, that's all of the information I've got for you today. I hope this is going to help you maximize your playing area and thanks for watching and remember better basketball goals, better prices, produnkhoops.com.

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