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Author:Ryan Tate
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00:14 to 00:19 Welcome basketball fans. This is Mr. Basketball coming to you from the Pro Dunk Hoops studio
00:19 to 00:22 to answer your questions. Today we’re going to be talking about the features you need
00:22 to 00:26 to look for in an outdoor basketball goal to make sure that it’s going to hold up
00:26 to 00:31 in a corrosive environment. Everybody knows about rust. It eats through just about anything
00:31 to 00:35 and it looks terrible too. So, to talk a little more about this we’ve brought in Mr. Keith
00:35 to 00:39 Tate who’s the owner and founder of Pro Dunk Hoops. He’s going to be discussing
00:39 to 00:45 what he’s learned in his 26 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and even servicing
00:45 to 00:49 these outdoor basketball goals. I’ve got some great questions for him so let’s get
00:49 to 00:49 started.
00:49 to 00:55 Well thanks for joining us today Mr. Tate. Thanks for having me Ryan. I’ve got some
00:55 to 00:58 great questions for you so I’m going to go ahead and jump right in here. OK. OK. The
00:58 to 01:03 first one is what are some critical features that I need to look for in my outdoor basketball
01:03 to 01:07 goal to make sure it’s going to hold up in corrosive environments? Well Ryan I brought
01:07 to 01:12 this sample today. This is a base plate and pole of one of our Pro Dunk systems. And it
01:12 to 01:19 shows what we offer. This is your steel before it starts out in the factory. Then it’s
01:19 to 01:23 galvanized. and then we have a powder coat finish on top for a double layer of protection.
01:23 to 01:26 Well tell me a little bit more about this galvanization layer. That seems pretty unique.
01:26 to 01:33 It’s very unique. No one else offers process except Pro Dunk Hoops. In the factory we actually
01:33 to 01:39 bake on a layer of zinc on the entire system and then we put on a powder coat finish on
01:39 to 01:44 top for a double layer of protection. Well that sounds great. What else can I look for
01:44 to 01:48 in my basketball system for protection. Well, if you live in a corrosive environment I really
01:48 to 01:53 recommend that you get stainless steel fasteners. And that’s ever bot nut washer and lock
01:53 to 01:56 washer should be stainless steel. You brought some of those for us to look at today didn’t
01:56 to 01:60 you? I sure did. This is a sample of one of the large stainless steel bolts we use on
01:60 to 02:05 some of our systems. And you notice the nut is stainless steel and the bolt and it easily
02:05 to 02:11 screws on and will never rust. Did you bring something for us to compare that to? I sure
02:11 to 02:15 did. I brought a couple of bolts that we took off some competitor’s systems that we were
02:15 to 02:18 changing out when we were putting our Pro Dunk system in and you can see how rusted
02:18 to 02:24 they are. This can cause streaks to come down the side of the pole and stain it on the side
02:24 to 02:28 and also it makes it very very difficult to remove the bolts if you were going to remove
02:28 to 02:32 your system. Some times these will rust up so badly on the threads like you see here
02:32 to 02:38 that you can’t even remove the nut. Well those two things sound great but lets say
02:38 to 02:43 I live in Arizona or some desert climate, do I really need all this? If you live in
02:43 to 02:49 Arizona, Tucson, Phoenix, in the desert area, I would not recommend the Rust Armor option
02:49 to 02:53 because, you just don’t need it. The powder coat finish that comes standard on your system
02:53 to 02:58 just like you see below here is more than adequate for those climates. In what cases
02:58 to 03:04 would I need it? What cases really warrant this rust corrosion protection? If you live
03:04 to 03:08 anywhere on the eastern coast or anywhere that you receive over 30 inches of rain a
03:08 to 03:14 year I would highly recommend this process. If you have sprinkler systems in your yard
03:14 to 03:17 that might be spraying on the system that’s another good reason to get it. Even if you
03:17 to 03:22 live in southern California and you live let’s say between five, ten miles of the coast I
03:22 to 03:25 would still recommend looking for the Rust Armor option because you can really benefit
03:25 to 03:29 from the protection it’s going to give you. So, I guess that’s why you break it out
03:29 to 03:32 because some people really need and others don’t. That’s right. We offer it both
03:32 to 03:36 ways that way if you don’t need it there’s no reason to pay for it. If you do, it’s
03:36 to 03:42 a very good product for a very low price. That’s great. So, what does Pro Dunk Hoops
03:42 to 03:47 offer in the way of corrosion protection? I would assume that you do both of these processes.
03:47 to 03:52 Exactly. If you order the Rust Armor option when your ordering one of our systems you
03:52 to 03:58 get exactly what you see here. Everything is fully galvanized, then powder coated and
03:58 to 04:03 then every bolt, nut washer and lock washer is upgraded to stainless steel. And that all
04:03 to 04:08 comes with it. Plus, your warranty is extended so that if you ever have any damage by rust
04:08 to 04:13 we’ll replace that part for no charge. Wow, that’s a great warranty and great guarantee.
04:13 to 04:17 Well, in conclusion I guess there are some great solution to help protect your basketball
04:17 to 04:21 goal from corrosion. I want to thank Mr. Tate for coming in today. also, I want to thank
04:21 to 04:27 you for watching. This is Mr. Basketball and remember, better basketball goals, better
04:27 to 04:34 prices