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Adjustable Basketball Goals

Dunkable adjustable basketball hoops with gym quality performance and lifetime durability at low manufacture direct prices

  • Easier adjustment lower than store brands Adjustable down to five feet easy enough for a six-year-old
  • Lifetime Dunking & Hanging Warranty Designed for a lifetime of agressive play
  • 75% heavier than the best store brands 5ga. steel and 1/2" thick glass delivers gym quality performance
  • Highest rated in-ground basketball goal 8320 verified customer reviews averaging 4.91 stars

The adjustable basketball hoop made for everybody that will last a lifetime

Discover Pro Dunk

There are three key factors to consider when looking at adjustable basketball hoops including how low the system will go, ease of adjustment and durability.

Adjustable Down To...

Most systems available will adjust down to seven feet. This is adequate for adjults and older children. If you have younger children you‘ll want to look for basketball goals that go lower. Pro Dunk systems will adjust to the lowest height available, 5 feet.

Ease Of Adjustment

There are several different adjustment technologies available including actuator, hydraulic and pully. In the end, what really matters, is how easy adjustment is. Pro Dunk basketball hoops are easy enough for a six-year-old to adjust without a step ladder. No rods or pins to set. Simply turn the handle one way to go up and the other way to go down. A gauge on the side indicates your precise height.

Durability and longevity

Pro Dunk systems carry the industury’s best warranty covering all basketball play including dunking and hanging. We also do not split out individual components. The rim, backboard, pole and adjustment mechanism is covered. Your adjustable hoop will last a lifetime, guarenteed.

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