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60" Basketball Goals

Our most popular driveway basketball goal, the Pro Dunk Gold, has a 60" backboard and is a perfect fit for the most common driveway size, 2-cars.

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60" Basketball Goals Hits The Sweet Spot

For 10 years and running our Pro Dunk Gold basketball goal with 60" backboard has been our best-selling hoop. We believe this is for two reasons. The first is that it's a great fit, aesthetically speaking, for a two car driveway. It doesn't look too large and is big enough to utilize the space efficently. Secondly, the most common driveway size is two cars!

Don't Skimp On Backboard Thickness

Unlike other brands that use thin backboards that do not rebound well, all Pro Dunk Hoops systems use 1/2" thick backboards. If you're looking for gym quality backboard response with your 60 inch basketball goal look not further than Pro Dunk Hoops.

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