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Outdoor Basketball Goals

Manufacturing heavy-duty outdoor basketball goals that hold up to mother nature & perform like gymnasium systems since 1984

  • Industry Leading Corrosion Protection Upgraded stainless steel bolts and zinc galvanized pole
  • 75% heavier than the best store brands 5ga. steel and 1/2" thick glass delivers gym quality performance
  • Lifetime Dunking & Hanging Warranty Designed for a lifetime of agressive play
  • Highest rated in-ground basketball goal 8320 verified customer reviews averaging 4.91 stars

Choose the type of outdoor basketball goal you're looking for

Adjustable, In-Ground Fixed-Height, In-Ground Roof-Mounted Portable

There are many types of outdoor basketball systems including in-ground, roof-mounted, wall-mounted, portable and pool. Reguardless of what type you’re looking for, outdoor basketball hoops should be weather resistant and heavy-duty. Some specific features to look for on your next outdoor basketball system are below.


One of the most important features is the finish which helps protect the steel for corroding in the elements. Most systems will use a powder coating while others use a paint or enamel. Pro Dunk basketball goals go beyond these standard finishes with available zinc galvanazation.


Most outdoor hoops will use a zinc plated carbon steel bolt for assembly. Pro Dunk Hoops uses upgraded stainless steel for all of our systems delivering superior protection from the elements.


Outdoor basketball goals have to hold up harsh weather conditions as well as man-made conditions including high winds, sprinklers and salted roads. Light systems are not up to job lasting between 1 and 5 years on average. Pro Dunk basketball systems use 40% more glass and steel versus the best store brands and carry a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for the last basketball goal you’ll ever have to buy, you’re in the right place.

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