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Roof-Mounted Basketball Goals

Heavy-duty garage mounted basketball hoop to make efficient use of your driveway

  • Professional look & performance Competition grade break-away rim & gym quality glass backboard
  • Heavy gauge steel bracket Strong A-frame design ensures precise height and levelness
  • 10 Year Warranty Designed to last and hold up to the elements

The pro style heavy duty garage roof mounted basketball goal

Discover Roof King

The Roof King garage-mounted basketball system brings durability and a professional look to your driveway. The innovative heavy-weight steel bracket supports a rectangular clear high-performance glass backboard that’s framed in die cast aluminum delivering solid rebounds and long-lasting durability.

Innovative Bracket

The strong A-frame style bracket is hinged with telescoping control arms allowing you to get the backboard level no matter what pitch your roof is at. The backboard slides up and down on the bracket allowing you to get the rim, percisely, to a regulation 10’ height on different height roofs. The bracket is powder coat finished and uses stainless steel fasteners helping the system survive harsh outdoor conditions.

Break-Away Rim

A competition grade break-away rim bolts through the backboard into the braket ensuring realistic rebounds and eliminating the risk of breaking the backboard. Two heavy springs inside the housing allow the rim to come down when 165 lbs of pressure is applied and then pop back into place just like rims in the gym.

Gym Quality Tempered Glass Backboard

Glass backboard delivers solid rebounds and never clouds ensuring your backboard not only plays great but remains looking great too. The glass is framed in a die cast channled aluminum frame with galvanized steel reinforcement at each corner. Everything is mechanically locked into place eliminating the need for glue and other adhesives that deteriorate over time.

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