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Pro Dunk Silver and chickens

Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System in a Chesapeake, VA backyard with trees lawn fence and chickens. Neighborhood looks nice. So do the playing possibilities.

C'mon and play.

Backyard basketball on a concrete slab.

Everyone is right at home in the backyard.
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Court Width 25 Feet
Court Depth 25 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System
Order Date May 2012
Customer Philip Q
Location Chesapeake, VA
Review Pleased overall
4 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Used on backyard 25 ft. sq. concrete pad. Great for all ages/sizes. Adjust height on the fly as necessary. Durable, well built, heavy duty. Good powder coat; careful not to scrape off when bolts/nuts are tightened. Getting galvanizing will minimize need to sand and touch up. Rain water and debris will sit on and under base plate, but it is thick and coated so should hold up for a long time. Be sure to set foundation an inch or so above playing surface. Also water gets in crank case, but may not be an issue. Haven't used another one before so nothing to compare, but as a structural engineer it seems to be a good design and value (heavy gage, thick backboard, etc). Should hold up over time even with heavy use and dunking. Easy to install if you are comfortable/experienced working with concrete. Nice that it comes with a good net, padding and basketball. Overhang is so good we are storing the padding now until the kids get older (more aggressive).
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