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What Size Backboard Should I Get

As a general rule of thumb, we have created the following table. This is based on your playing area size.

Playing Area Recommended Backboard Size Adjustable System Fixed-Height System
1-Car Driveway 54", 48" Pro Dunk Silver
2-Car Driveway 60", 54" Pro Dunk Gold, Pro Dunk Silver Hercules Gold
3-Car Driveway or Larger 72", 60" Pro Dunk Diamond, Pro Dunk Platinum, Pro Dunk Gold, Hercules Diamond, Hercules Platinum, Hercules Gold
Dedicated Playing Area 72" Pro Dunk Diamond, Pro Dunk Platinum Hercules Diamond, Hercules Platinum

It should be noted that 72" is the regulation size for middle-school and higher. Also, 60" is our most popular driveway backboard size.

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